Redefine Australia's Future by joining our team

A career that makes a difference to all Australia today and well into tomorrow

Our people have a clear vision and a common goal - to transform Australia’s environmental landscape. We’re committed to providing a safe, transparent and quality-focused environment within SolaCycle that’s both diverse and inclusive, a place where all people can thrive. Where innovation is expected, accepted and highly respected.  We value our people speaking-up and improving their roles and  guiding our company on how to do things better, more safely and with quality at the source.  We support Global Social Responsibility.   

There are five key areas that define who we are and how you might thrive from working with us.

Respect Every Individual

We believe that if people feel respected, they not only engage with their hands but also with their hearts and minds. At SolaCycle respect for every individual is manifested in valuing each individual as a person and nourishing their potential.