SolaCycle was established in 2019 to design, build and operate Australia’s Renewable Energy Recycling and Waste Management Solution. Underpinned by a purpose to ensure Australia's renewable (solar) energy is truly sustainable and assisting Australian Businesses with their Global Social Responsibility Commitments, SolaCycle’s key objective is to work with solar panel manufacturers, suppliers, installers and owners to provide a solution to Australia's solar panel waste. 

To achieve this objective, SolaCycle has been structured as a five tiered company: Recycling, Waste Management, Research and Innovation, Warranty and Insurance, and the fifth and critical tier of Product Stewardship. SolaCycle provides collection and recycling services to installers and home owners for end of life, damaged, or warranty products to insurers, and support to industries wanting certification for provisions of sustainable solutions for solar panels waste at their end of life.


SolaCycle provides a recycling solution for Australia's solar energy industry to sustainably address the looming issue of solar panel waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill. 

SolaCycle is wholly Australian owned, incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001.

Solar Panel Recycling

50 years ago, solar panels only appeared on expensive spacecraft circling the earth or in route to the moon, Mars, or some other celestial body. The great pioneers of spaceflight recognized that Sol – aka the Sun – provided a virtually unlimited source of energy, energy that could power the state-of-art technologies used to explore spaces far beyond the Earth. Today, solar energy is leading our break from the ills of fossil fuels.

SolaCycle, a pioneer in the recycling of solar energy technologies, continues its quest of making solar energy the sustainable resource it was always intended to be. Partnering with businesses, organizations, and governments that seek appropriate disposal of discarded solar energy technologies, SolaCycle understands how to mitigate environmental degradation when solar panels are decommissioned. SolaCycle is ready to partner with you too.

As a SolaCycle business partner, your firm or organization receives robust exposure through advertisement on our website and the right to use our logo in your own marketing materials. As your partner in proliferating the use of solar energy, SolaCycle becomes your resource for the safe disposal of older solar technologies. Working together, we build upon the promise of a sustainable energy source that was first realized when humankind launched toward the stars. We look forward to hearing from you soon.