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What should we be doing with the excess waste from solar panels?

The correct answer is to properly recycle it.  At SolaCycle our goal is to provide a solar panel recycling solution for Australia’s solar panel waste.  


We provide collection and recycling services to installers and home owners and support for industries wanting certification for sustainable solutions for solar panels waste.  If you are looking for solar panel recycling near me in Leichhardt, New South Wales contact SolaCycle today!

There are over 7 Billion reasons why we need to do something today

Solar energy is the future but what about solar industry waste? SolaCycle can recycle your solar panels as well as supply recycled solar panels for off-grid use.

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Solar Panel Recycling

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We work with domestic and commercial industries to collect, recycle and if possible repurpose solar PV panels.  

Contact us to recycle your solar panels or become a solacycle partner today. 


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